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"I wanted to to send you my biggest thank you's for your excellent service at the Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards - everything went so smooth and great thanks to you!"-Nickelodeon Kids Choice Awards

"Above and beyond.
I hired these guys to serve a shady client that refused to pay me. The first time they served him, he signed with a fictitious name and a last initial. I showed up in small claims court with my proof of service in my hand and the judge threw me out for failing to serve an officer of the corporation I was suing. I called MM the next day. Not only did they have a video of the owner signing the papers, they went back and got him to sign again using his actual name. For small business owners using the Small Claims route trying to avoid horrendous legal costs, small claims servers are a crucial part of the justice system. These guys make it easy to pay and provide email confirmation, and it's nice to know they cover their ass and yours with actual video of service. Yelp Review - Em M. . - Venice, CA

"Great service. Quick turnaround. Easy Payment. Confirmations via email.  Will definitely use again." Yelp Review - Greg N. - Topanga, CA

"Over the top service. I needed to serve my former landlord for small claims court. She eluded the sheriff's deputies but she she did not elude motorcycle messenger. They stayed on her till the mission was accomplished.  Then, they followed up with a phone call to let me know she had been served. Then they followed up again after my court date to see how it went.

Can't say enough good things. And not at all expensive." Yelp Review - Eric J. - Santa Monica, CA

"I had the best experience w/ ECS/Motorcycle Messenger! A valet driver damaged my car, so I was in the process of taking the valet co. to small claims (a first experience for me). Before I hired ECS, I wasn't able to locate the physical address of the co. b/c all leads and public records kept getting traced back to a PO box, so it was impossible to serve papers! I even consulted colleagues who are lawyers and was at a dead end. ECS used their connections to trace the real address and served the papers to the owner in under a week. The valet co. owner called me the day he was served, to settle out of court (fix my car and pay for all court/ECS fees). My experience w/ Sean @ ECS throughout the entire ordeal was ALWAYS pleasant and communicative. He helped me w/ every step of the way and always answered every call and e-mail promptly and professionally. I paid a simple one-time fee via PayPal. If you want a real pro, go to ECS!" Yelp Review - Grace K. - Los Angeles, CA

"I was so impressed.  Yesterday afternoon I emailed the small claims paperwork which I had e-filed, I quickly got an email back billing me, and this morning I find out that the couple has already been served.  And that is despite the defendants claiming it was not them, that the requested parties had moved long ago, and one of the defendants becoming angry.  They persisted and got them served.  Great job! And, replying to one of the other reviewers who said the person answering the phone was bullying or condescending, that was not my experience at all - the guy was efficient and straight forward." Yelp Review-Fern R. - Santa Ana, CA

"I have used motorcylce messenger three times and all three times they have been quick, efficient, and persistent.   I had to serve child support and restraining order papers to my ex and he was trying to avoid getting served.  Motorcycle messenger service was able to serve him quickly and I didn't have to wait around for months and pay more fees.  They are honest and get the job done!  I would recommend Motorcyle Messenger to all my family and friends." Yelp Review-Daniela C. - Los Angeles, CA

"I am a single mom of an infant and at the moment I am without a car.  My daughter was very sick one night and the doctor had called in some medicine into the pharmacy.  I had to have the medicine right away and had no one to help me.  I called Motorcycle Messenger and they responded immediately by going to the pharmacy and bringing the prescription back to me within 30 minutes of my call.  On this occasion Motorcycle Messenger really saved me.  I would highly recommend there services to anyone." Yelp Review-Tammy B. - Thousand Oaks, CA

"After months of trying, I was able to obtain my ex’s location in order to have the divorce papers served.  However, he was only going to be at the location for a short period of time and then not available for 2 weeks.  I contacted ECS/Motorcycle Messenger, emailed the papers to them along with a picture and they were able to serve him the next day with no problem.  They even filed the Proof of Service with the court which saved me from taking time off of work.  When I received the call that he’d been served, I was ECSTATIC!  I would definitely use them again and recommend their services to friends and family"-Alana C. - Woodland Hills, CA

"ECS assisted me in serving two people for small claims court, one who lived in an apartment which had a doorman, making it incredibly difficult to serve him. Nevertheless, the man was served within a couple of days. Unfortunately, the case wasn't an easy one to handle because the man was claiming he wasn't properly served. I immediately called Sean and he was more than willing to assist me in the case despite the fact that he had already done his part. So on the new day the case was reassigned to, Sean showed up.  I ended up negotiating with one of the defendants instead of being heard in front of the judge. During my negotiation, Sean gave me useful tips without tainting my decision on how I should handle the case by giving me the legal consequences to every choice. I can honestly say that if he hadn't shown up and informed me of the many rules of small claims court I was simply unaware of, I might not have received my money that day. He went above and beyond what I expected to help me out. I would definitely recommend this service, it was worth every penny. Thank you Sean !" Yelp Review -Nahal A. - Los Angeles, CA

"I am thoroughly impressed by the service provided by Motorcycle Messenger. I contacted them on a Friday night to have something served on Saturday morning. The service was completed promptly on Saturday morning, and I was notified immediately thereafter. Motorcycle Messenger is a quality service that is fast and effective. I would not hesitate to use Motorcycle Messenger again."Yelp Review -Stuart R. - Los Angeles, CA

"I was very pleased and impressed with Shaun and his ability to execute quickly with my need to have an EX served properly.  They were Highly Professional and completed the first time around. THANKS to the Moon!" Yelp Review-Dylan R. - Palo Alto, CA

"I work for a law office in San Diego County.  I contacted Motorcycle Messenger for a difficult service in Los Angeles County.  We had no idea if the Respondent even lived at the service address.  Within hours, Motorcycle Messenger had verified that Respondent lived at the address and service was accomplished within a couple of days.  We will definitely use Motorcycle Messenger for all our LA County service needs." -Michele - Law Office - San Diego County, CA

"Sean was very helpful in explaining the process to us and persistent in his attempts to serve our landlady. we had tried to serve her through a friend and also through the sheriff's dept, but both were unsuccessful. she is shady and does not respond to people calling or coming to her door. we were pleasantly surprised that he was able to deliver results within a week of us contacting him. highly recommend motorcycle messenger!" Yelp Review -JK - Los Angeles, CA

"Motorcycle Messenger is quick, professional and supportive. They were kind enough to come pick up my package from my office (as the mail failed). The papers were delivered within 24 hours and I was notified by phone and email immediately. I highly recommend Motorcycle Messenger. It's great to find a company who makes your life easier!
Thank you!" Yelp Review -Caren -Talent Agency - Los Angeles, CA

"I had a great experience with Motorcycle Messenger.  They responded to my request right away, and were very clear and informative on the serving process as it was my first time.  They got the job done and were very patient with a sneaky landlord and notified me immediately that my request was fulfilled.  I highly recommend them!" Yelp Review -Meryl - Los Angeles, CA

"Fantastic Service ! Thank you." -Nancy - Entertainment Agency - Los Angeles, CA

"I recommend ECS they have great customer service and reasonable rates." -Michael - Law Office - Pleasant Hill, CA

"Sean, I cannot thank you enough for sending George to pick-up the documents and serving them. I will use your messenger service too next time I am in need." -Robert - Television Producer - Century City, CA

"I am so glad I found you guys. Thank you for serving my ex-husband and filing the proof of service with the court as you promised." -Peggy - El Segundo, CA

"ECS thank you for filing my papers with the Courthouse and serving the Defendant. Please thank Sean for all his hard work in tracking down the Defendant and serving him." -Stephen - Law Office - San Diego, CA

"We sent our documents to ECS and received a call the same day informing us the Defendant in our case had been served. Thank you for a job well done." -Harry - Law Office - Branson, MO

"After filing my papers with Small Claims Court, my boyfriend and friends attempted to serve my old landlord without avail. Then we decided to go with a professional registered process server. We contacted ECS and the next day the papers were served. ECS you are the best ! " -Kim - Beverlywood, CA

"I will definitely use your services again, your team is very professional." -Edward - Law Office - Culver City, CA

"Thank you for providing such an excellent service." -Dr. Jonathan - Chiropractor - Beverly Hills, CA

"I will tell all my lawyer friends about you. What a great service !" -Ara - Law Office - Laguna Hills, CA

"ECS is the fastest and most reliable messenger in the world. I called them and in no time my package was picked up and delivered to my office." -Yariv - Business Owner - Beverly Hills, CA

"Thank you again for an extraordinary display of dedication and professionalism." -Ahmad - Glendale, CA

"I knew I made the right choice by going with the Motorcycle Messenger. I figured you guys would be quick, but not that quick. Thank you for getting my papers served with CT Corp." -Lisa - Berkeley, CA

"This is absolutely great service for which I thank you greatly" -Edward - Law Office - New York, NY

"Thank you for the quick service of process and patience to explain the process to me." - Nancy - Rancho Santa Fe, CA

"We were not sure with only thirty minutes to spare it could be done. Thank you ECS for getting our documents served in time." - Jenna - Law Office - San Francisco, CA

"ECS is very professional and always on time." - Richard - Investment Advisor - Malibu, CA

"ECS gets all our court filings and service of process done on time, every time. I highly recommend ECS." - Timothy - Law Office - Century City, CA

"To put it simply, Sean and his team at ECS save me valuable time by making my bank deposits." - Dr. J - Pharmacist- Beverly Hills, CA

"This was a great first experience for me, thank you for getting my package to me so quickly in rush hour traffic on a Friday." - Tracie - Burbank, CA

"Fantastic Service" Benjamin - Law Office - San Diego, CA

"ECS thank you for serving my papers and keeping me informed." - Virginia - Los Angeles, CA

"I didn't know where to turn to for answers. Thank you ECS for serving my papers" - Lindsay - Los Angeles, CA

"ECS was very pleasant. I felt very comfortable as Sean explained the process to me (very informative). I will tell all my friends about you." - Ami - Los Angeles, CA

"ECS served my papers and filed the proof with the court for one easy flat fee. Thank you for the great service you provide. I will definitely use your services again." - Andrew - Sacramento, CA